inventory control software

Inventory Tracking Manager

is specially designed to accommodate the needs of small and mid-sized companies in retail and distribution business, and service providers. A simple, effective and powerful solution for management and tracking of inventory items in multiple locations. With Inventory Tracking Manager you can control the entire process at every single step: from a sales order to a purchase order and to a final printable invoice you can send to your customer right away.

  • Keep the level of inventory in line with your sales
  • Easily evaluate the inventory level of your products. Get full history on any product movement from arriving to the warehouse, to shipping to the customers.

  • Track inventory in multiple locations
  • Inventory items can be associated with one or multiple locations. The system keeps track of every item, in every location and allows transferring from one location to another.

  • Generate purchase orders from sales orders
  • Purchase orders can be generated based on the customers' orders; purchased items can be assigned to a vendor by default.

  • Multiple invoices can be created from a single sales order
  • Apply customer deposits to the sales orders. Keep track of every invoice created for a sales order and all payments received from customers.

  • Partial shipment of sales orders, returns to vendors, returns from customers
  • Partially receive items on purchase orders. Keep track of all returns from the customers and all returns to vendors.

  • Easy Set- up of Taxing Schemes
  • Taxing Schemes can be comprised of different types of sales taxes.